Safety is the top priority at Brothers' Construction (BCI).  Staff members include an experienced team of managers and safety professionals capable of reviewing and implementing a safety plan for any construction operation.  With overall jobsite safety as our guiding principle, BCI has established the following key safety objectives:

>     Maintain safety as our top priority to maintain a "Zero Accidents" objective

>     Effective training of all personnel 

>     Follow Federal, State, customer's and BCI's safety programs 

>     Immediately report and correct any unsafe work conditions 

>     Committed to an alcohol and drug free workplace 

>     Investigate all accidents and injuries to determine the root cause and preventative measures

In addition to scheduled and weekly safety training, BCI implements Safety Awareness Programs for continuous training and development of good safety practices. Also, BCI recognizes people and projects that demonstrate excellence in safety performance.  

The company’s Safety Manual provides employees with written policies and descriptions explaining systematic methods and procedures pertaining to safety. The manual also clearly outlines responsibilities for reducing the risk of personal injury, death and/or property damage. The manual is expected to guide the conduct of all employees in order to promote uninterrupted production and employment, while protecting health and property.  

To provide a safe environment for all BCI employees and meet our responsibilities to public and private sector clients, BCI is committed to a drug-free workplace. The Company, as a government contractor, complies with the provisions of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.  

The provisions of BCI’s comprehensive safety program are based upon the requirements set forth by local, state, and federal regulations, as well as standard industrial practices. The elements of this program are intended to increase the level of employees’ awareness concerning potential workplace hazards and encourage safe work practices. These elements are implemented uniformly and no safety violations are tolerated.